Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Assignment 2 - Radio Commercial

This week in INTE 5340, our theme is copyright and left. We have been reading and discussing copyright laws and what is and isn't "fair use." For this week's assignment, I decided to try my hand at a radio commercial, since last week, I focused on making a graphic. I made up a fake radio talk show and used iMovie to make my commercial. "Is this Legit?" is a talk show examining copyright laws and fair use rights on a case by case basis.

I scrolled through my iTunes library, which probably hasn't been updated in about 8 years. With services like Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Prime Music, I haven't felt the need to buy music in a very long time. I started at the A's and landed on Herbert's "Audience".  As you can see, I didn't get very far in my library, but I thought "Audience" was an appropriate song for a radio talk show. I hadn't used iMovie in a long time, so it took me a while to become reacquainted with it. I recorded audio clips for the commercial using my phone and using a Voice Changer app. I used the "Old Man" voice for the guest's voice, and the "Chorus" voice for the show title at the end of the commercial.

Here is the final result, which ended up being approximately 30 seconds long.

The commercial was also made into an audio file and uploaded to SoundCloud.

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